St. Joseph Auto Repossession and Asset Recovery

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Why choose Atlas for your repossession needs? At Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC, we’ve been specializing in repossession services for over a decade. It’s all we do and we’re proud of the services we provide. With our experience and connections, we can safely and efficiently secure almost any piece of collateral in the St. Joseph area quickly and professionally.

Millions of dollars in judgments have been made against lenders for the wrongful acts of unprofessional repossessors because courts have ruled that lenders are responsible for the acts of their repossessors. When you use a repossession company to recover collateral, you are enabling that agency to act as an extension of you, and unless you know who you are dealing with, this can be a very risky business situation. We always make sure that your financial institution is protected, and ensure that your liabilities are mitigated in any repossession and asset recovery process. This is one of the reasons why Atlas has succeeded while others have not. We keep our St. Joseph clients safe.

At Atlas, we offer a full range of services to our St. Joseph clients including investigation, repossession, storage, towing, skip-tracing services, transport and locksmithing and even remarketing services. We maintain multiple locations throughout Missouri and Kansas, with dozens of asset recovery specialists in the field 24 hours a day including St. Joseph. Here is a list of the services Atlas provides:

  • Automotive Repossession
  • Large Vehicle Repossession
  • Secure and Damage-Free Asset Transportation
  • Locksmithing Services (including any vehicle and equipment in the world)
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representatives
  • Light and In-Depth Skip-Tracing Services
  • Commercial Equipment Repossession
  • Construction Equipment Recovery
  • Industrial Equipment Asset Recovery
  • In-Depth investigations
  • Motorcycle Repossession
  • Efficient Automotive and Asset Remarketing
  • Office and Medical Equipment Asset Recovery
  • Secured Asset Storage
  • Secured Personal Property Storage

You can place an assignment online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and have the knowledge and peace of mind that our St. Joseph agents are running the order within hours of receiving the assignment. For more information, call or email us today and a representative will be glad to help you.