Asset Recovery and Repossession Services in Sedalia

Offering quick, professional repossession services in Sedalia for more than ten years, Atlas Recovery Systems is your smart choice for auto recovery. Our many satisfied customers agree that Atlas represents the very top of the profession, giving top-notch customer service, detailed information and safe storage. When dealing with us, you can be sure that your business will be represented in a legal manner.

Legal Concerns with Repossession

If your Sedalia business engages in collateral repossession, you must be aware of the legal risks involved. If a repo company that you have hired engages in activities that are not fully within the law, you can be held responsible. While they’re on that job, they are your representatives. Since you are rarely at the scene of the repossession in person, you need to know that they will behave in a professional way.

Frequent Updates & Accurate Repossession Information

In car repossession cases, you also need accurate information on the condition of the auto, so you want a repo service that will give accurate feedback and updates when needed. Sometimes this can include photos and inventories. You need all this information in a clear, consistent and accurate form, since it may be used for legal purposes. These are all good reasons why you need Atlas Recovery Systems, a Sedalia repo service with a proven track record. Our representatives are trained and fully insured. They know how to get the kind of clear photos and information you need, and they always behave in a legal manner. Like you, we never lose sight of the fact that what we do reflects on you.

Full-Service Repossession Company

Our repo service is dedicated to keeping the highest recovery rate possible. To do this, we frequently change the agents, field investigators and recovery crews dealing with each case. When we’re handling a car repossession case, we sometimes change the personnel every 72 hours. We give you updates through the entire repossession process, so you never have to wonder what’s going on with your property. All our Sedalia trucks have GPS, so you can get progress reports on demand at any time from our secure database. Compare this to the lack of professionalism that you might get from another repo company, and it’s easy to see why Atlas has so many happy customers in Sedalia. If you want to be one of them, we’d love to hear from you.