Quincy, IL Auto & Car Repossession and Asset Recovery

Beginning a repossession process can be a nerve-wracking time for a lender. Once a borrower understands that repossession is likely, the safety of the collateral is in question. Locating, recovering and transporting the asset safely and quickly are the top priorities, especially for a car repossession. It is imperative to work with a repo company who can move swiftly, professionally, and responsibly. In Quincy, IL, the repo company of choice is Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC.

Our company can perform a wide breadth of services. We handle in-depth investigation, car repossession, towing, storage, skip-tracing, transporting and locksmith services. Atlas can provide secure and damage-free asset transportation, and secured personal property storage. We are equipped to send photographs of the state of the collateral, inventory inspections, and field reports. All of our trucks are provisioned with the latest technology, including GPS and Wi-Fi, making them the most efficient vehicles in the industry.

In addition to our office in Quincy, IL, we can manage accounts in any state in the country. In addition to auto repossession, our repo service also handles:

  • Motorcycle Repossession
  • Office and Medical Equipment Repossession
  • Aircraft Repossession
  • Marine Repossession
  • Commercial Equipment Repossession
  • Construction Equipment Repossession

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service team, available to provide you updates at any stage of the process, including after hours. Customers can place their order on our website, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our field staff is working 24 hours a day. We use multiple repo crews and reassign to “fresh” agents every 72 hours, if necessary.

Creditors can be held legally accountable for the actions of repo companies operating in their name. Working with scurrilous and unprofessional companies could appear to save creditors money in the short-term, and yet render them vulnerable to expensive lawsuits. With ten years of repo service behind us, Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC has a proven track record of professionalism. Our staff is expertly trained to act in accordance with the laws governing repossession in every state in the nation.

We are the best choice for a repo company in Quincy, IL, or anywhere else your business has need. Choose Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC.