Omaha, NE Auto Repo and Asset Recovery Company

Omaha, NE Auto Repossession and Asset Recovery

If you need repossession services in Omaha, NE, Atlas Recovery Systems is the repo company to call. In this economy, unfortunately, many people can’t make payments and default on their loans. Lenders need someone they can trust to recover their property. In the asset recovery industry, you have to be careful. Some repo companies are known to use unscrupulous behavior to obtain the property. While the end result is the same, and the property is returned, the lender can be held responsible for the acts of the repo company they hired. With Atlas Recovery, you never have to worry about that. Atlas makes sure that your financial institution is protected, and in all cases ensures that your liabilities are mitigated in the repossession and asset recovery process.

With over ten years in the recovery business, Atlas Recovery Systems has built a reputation as a leader in repo services. We operate under the highest standards, and hire the most qualified staff. We can safely and efficiently secure any collateral, giving you peace of mind when you decide to go with Atlas. No matter what kind of repossession services you need, Atlas can provide them. We are a full-service repossession and asset recovery agency offering not just repo services, but investigation, towing, storage, skip-tracing services, transport and locksmithing. We even offer remarketing services to help you sell your property if you’d like.

No matter what kind of property you need recovered, Atlas can handle it. Of course, we do car repossession, but we can also recover RVs, motorcycles, planes, medical equipment, large construction and industrial equipment and more. There is no other, more qualified repo company in Omaha, NE. We have a fully dedicated staff, maintain dozens of asset recovery specialists in the field 24 hours a day, and we strive to make the repossession process efficient and easy for our clients. Atlas simply out-performs the competition on a consistent basis. And through our associations with Time Finance Adjusters and National Finance Adjusters, we can locate and manage accounts in any state in the country, and through strategic alliances, throughout the world.

Did we mention that Atlas is easy to use? You can place an assignment online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Say you need auto repossession. When you call Atlas, our agents are running the order within hours of receiving the assignment. So if you’re looking for a repo company in Omaha, NE, look no further than Atlas Recovery Systems.