Miami, OK Auto & Car Repossession and Asset Recovery

When the time comes to repossess property, Atlas Recovery Systems is the best repo company to call. After acting as a turnkey repossession provider in Miami, OK for longer than ten years, we lead the industry. Businesses that must retrieve their assets know repossessions involve risk to themselves and their property, so they call a repo company like us to do the job for them. Our repo service specializes in car repossession and the return of other vehicles and equipment.

Repossession can come with serious repercussions if not properly managed. A rogue repo company can cause damage to a debtor’s property or person, and they can also damage the repossessed asset. Courts hold lenders accountable for the actions of their hired repo services, so if something goes wrong, the lender must pay. Atlas Recovery Systems has technicians trained in the art and the law of car repossession. Because we do our job properly, professionally and legally, we operate almost completely free of incidents, something many repo services in the Miami, OK area cannot say.

Our company offers services other than repossession that help lenders control, avoid and recover property from bad clients. Trained technicians can complete condition reports on financed vehicles and equipment so they can estimate the value of an asset. We also do photography, inventory inspection, filed reports and skip tracing. In short, Atlas Recovery Systems provides a one-stop shop for banks, credit unions and other lenders.

After car repossession, Atlas can return the vehicle to the lien holder or we can sell it for them. We run an online remarketing service that auctions vehicles and equipment on behalf of a creditor. Because we offer a full-service solution to lenders from all over the Miami, OK, finance companies get more than just a repo company. They get a repo service that guarantees customer service and streamlines the repossession process from start to finish. Our customers only furnish us with the information we need to do their work and then they can collect a check once we well their property.

Don’t take risks with car repossession or any other kind of asset recovery. Like many other clients, you will agree we have low rates and a stellar performance record that keeps costs low. Call Atlas Recovery Systems today for a custom quote for repossession services.