Leavenworth, KS Auto & Car Repossession and Asset Recovery

Are you a lender near Leavenworth, Kansas who is in desperate need of a trustworthy repo service? Atlas Recovery Systems can help you recover collateral in a secure and legal way. Our service is so reliable that we also work closely with banks, credit unions as well as individuals.

When looking for a repo company, not just any provider will do. Some individuals have taken matters into their own hands when trying to collect collateral and have paid the legal consequences. Atlas Recovery Systems in Leavenworth, KS is a repo service who works around the clock to help you repossess valuable property.

Car Repossession

One of our most popular services is car repossession. Our asset recovery specialists work 24 hours a day to investigate and finally repossess vehicles. Towing services are provided on recovered vehicles. Also, storage services are for automobiles as well as other recovered assets.

All Types of Repossession

Besides auto repossession, we specialize in the repossession of commercial equipment and large vehicle repossession. No job is too big or small for us. We can help you with aircraft repossession, marine repossession and motorcycle repossession. Our dedicated customer service representatives are happy to assist you with the repossession of costly office and medical equipment, as well as construction and industrial equipment.

Skip Tracing

To avoid paying off debts, many desperately abandon their homes and towns and try to disappear. Atlas Recovery Systems employs experts in skip tracing and in-depth investigations in order to help you recover your assets. This repo company’s friendly customer service representatives will work to constantly provide you with updates on your case. Apart from just the office in Leavenworth, KS, Atlas Recovery Systems has offices throughout the United States who assist in the repossession process. As Atlas Recovery Systems also has contacts throughout the world, we can help you recover your assets wherever they may be. Locksmithing services are also offered on any vehicle or piece of equipment that exists today.


If you don’t want the hassle of trying to resell recovered goods, our Leavenworth, KS office offers online marketing. We will place a description of your vehicle or other desired asset online with a photo and all of the necessary information. Online users will then have the chance to bid on the item. Of course, you will still determine the price you are willing to accept for your recovered goods.