Lake of the Ozarks

Asset Recovery and Repossession Services in Lake of the Ozarks

Atlas Recovery Systems is a repo company offering Lake of the Ozarks lenders fast, professional repossession services. For over ten years, Atlas has been providing the very best in a business that can be known for less than professional behavior. We are the best choice when it comes to car repossession. Ask around, our customers will tell you that Atlas delivers the most professional, reliable customer service. We include repossession services like detailed information including photos of your collateral, safe transportation and storage and even remarketing services when needed.

Don’t Take Legal Risks with Repossession

Why is it important to choose the right repo company? If your Lake of the Ozarks business needs collateral repossession, you must be careful. There are legal risks involved. If a repo company, hired by you, engages in activities that are unlawful, you can be held responsible. Repossession can be a dicey business and repo companies must make sure their employees know the laws and follow them to protect their clients. Our repossession experts are trained and fully insured. At Atlas, we make sure we recover your assets professionally and legally.

Stay Abreast with our Detailed Repossession Information Reports

Atlas Recovery Systems is a Lake of the Ozarks repo company with a proven track record for communication with our clients. Many times, in the case of car repossession cases especially, you need accurate information on the condition of the car. You need all this information in a clear and accurate form, since it may be used for legal purposes after the repossession. Atlas gives you accurate feedback and updates including detailed photos and inventories. You’ll know the status of your collateral almost as soon as we do.

Full-Service Repossession Company

Besides, following the law and providing accurate and updated repossession information, our repo company remains the best because of internal management. We are dedicated to keeping the highest recovery rate possible. We frequently change agents, field investigators and recovery crews to keep them fresh. In the case of a car repossession, we sometimes change them every 72 hours. We give you updates through the entire repossession process. In fact, all of our Lake of the Ozarks trucks are equipped with a GPS, so you can get progress reports on demand at any time from our secure database. Compare this to the lack of professionalism that you might get from another repo company, and it’s easy to see why Atlas has so many happy customers in Lake of the Ozarks. Choose Atlas Recovery Systems for all of your repossession needs.