Belleville, IL Auto & Car Repossession and Asset Recovery

For lenders looking for a reliable professional repo company in the Belleville, IL area, Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC is the one for the job. Atlas can quickly and efficiently perform a car repossession and safely return the car to the client without any damage to the vehicle.

In this economy, times are tough and it is easy to fall behind on car payments. That does not excuse anyone from not paying their car loan though, and sometimes it is necessary for a lender to hire a repo service. A repo company is given an assignment from their client which usually involves a car repossession. The repo company’s job is to recover the car legally without any damage. The law states that lenders are responsible for the actions of the repo company they hire, so it is extremely important to hire a reliable repo service.

Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC in Belleville, IL hires professional repo agents who are trained and knowledgeable about repossession laws. There are strict laws regarding repossession which a repo company must follow. Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC keeps their agents on top of their game with training and knowledge.

Atlas has the latest technology and equipment to do the job which include the following:

  • Damage-Free Wheel Lift Trucks
  • GPS and WiFi in all trucks
  • On-Demand 24/7 secure online database for ultimate productivity and instant updates.

Atlas also offers high quality service, including after-hours customer service, and promotes a high recovery rate by using more than one recovery team. We also reassign cases to fresh investigators when it is necessary.

Along with the latest equipment, Atlas is also insured and bonded to protect our clients and their assets.

Clients can place orders with Atlas 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Within a short time of receiving the order, we will begin work to complete the order. Clients can call, fax or place an order using our website. For lenders needing a quality reliable repo company in the Belleville, IL area, from auto repossession to industrial equipment, Atlas Recovery Systems, LLC is the one to choose.